Welcome to February! It's the shortest month. It's the coldest month (normally). It’s also a HUGE month in food production in FL.

    Ask for locally grown favorites such as these in your markets. If you see an imported non-specialty item similar to this list in your markets this month ask why they didn't buy from Florida or USA growers, or ask when they're getting it in. Consumers are so powerful, flex those muscles and help strengthen Florida Ag!

    Special Thanks to our February Small Business Spotlight, Oakwood Natural Living
    Osceola County: You simply can not go wrong with Christine's huge range of apothecary and self care products. Her website lists pages and pages of incredibly luxurious products for men, women, kids, babies, household, pets and more! If you participated in our Winter Warmth crates you already know how great her Rescue Balm, Beard Balm and/or Raw Honey Body Butter is! Jillian is also huge fan of her Arthritis Massage Oil and Cara's #1 pick so far is the Mint Lime Lotion Bar. Local no contact gate pickup is available in St. Cloud, or she ships all over. Christine's also really great to her fans, there's always a "how it's made" or a giveaway or a Freebie Friday going on over on her page! Check out her website:

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    Here’s where to find local bulk meat:
    If you’re on a budget or lack freezer space, we have a Meet Meat. You can find other ranches and farms and people from your county to split orders with for bulk beef, meats, poultry, and produce. PLEASE scroll and see who's already posted and if they've made any connections before posting your own request. You can also request information from ranchers who have provided their info in the comments.

    Need a Hot Cocoa Bomb?

    Dairy is a hashtag, click and scroll #FLMooJuice.

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    This Saturday! Central Florida Peach Blossom Festival Feb 6th, we will be in Umatilla, Lake County at Graham's U Pick Peaches for a vendor market drenched in peach blossoms. Cmon out, take some pro photos with our expert photographers, get some amazing local goods, get some tasty fresh produce, see some handcrafted pottery made on site, plenty of other great vendors, a ton of which you see featured in our group!

    Backwoods BarnRaisin' & Hootenanny in Groveland Lake County! Yup. We said Hootenanny. Come celebrate the Backwoods brand new barn, check out the new organized petting/feeding area for all the animals, and Shop Small with a huge range of local vendors! Saturday March 27 10-4

    Spring Fling and Homesteader Festival April 17 Hillsborough County we will be at Bob's Berries in Riverview for their seasonal open and local berry Upick! Vendors, great BBQ made on site, always a whole bunch of fun, they've been hosting this event for a half decade now and are happy to back after last year's cancellation.

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    February Local Discovery Crate NOW OPEN! (Theme: Afternoon Tea, $48 Value for $40!)

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