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    Here's The Dill - May 2021


    May | 2021

    Greetings Florida Farm Finder friends!

    We have a shiny new look this month and a whole bunch of great news to talk about from around the group. 

    Summer is on its way! Time to start thinking about sunscreen and hurricane parties. Blueberries are peaking in Central Florida and strawberries are still available in North FL. Blackberries are huge! Peaches are bigger this year than last and very sweet.  Tomatoes are beautiful right now. The famous spring corn is available at Frazier Farms and Long & Scott this month. Beans and peas have started to show up in more posts!   Mangoes should be more available toward the middle & end of the month.

    May is a very unique month in Florida. Farmers and markets are beginning to talk about summer hours and closures in the southern tip of the state while planting and the earliest harvests have just begun in our most northern county lines. 

    Summer also means farms will start to advertise Thanksgiving turkey deposits. Based on last years popularity it wouldn't be surprising if we saw earlier posts than usual about deposits and pullets because of anticipated shipping and hatchery issues. Check out some of the incredible farms that had birds available in 2020. 

    What's Yummy Right Now? 

    Bell Peppers - Cucumbers -  Oranges - Squash -

    Blueberries - Eggplant - Papaya - Sweet Corn

    Cabbage - Grapefruit - Peanuts - Tangerines

    Cantaloupe - Guava - Potatoes - Tomatoes

    Carrots - Mango - Radishes - Watermelon

    Mushrooms - Snap Beans

    Special Thanks

    We are so grateful to the Cash Family at Dirty Dog Organics in Leesburg and the Handley's over at HM Handley Beef in Webster for making our Patreon VIP GetAway GiveAway truly very important! 

    Congrats to Lisa G. who will be spending a lovely & delicious weekend in Lake County sometime in the next year! She has been a Patreon VIP since the very beginning. 

    We're jealous Lisa! Enjoy it, thank you so much for your support. 

    We are updating our VIP Shopping Categories with a whole new look in the month of May. We look to send an update to our Patreon VIPS in the Patreon portal very soon. Great savings, and easier access to the vendors! Can't wait! 

    It's Back! 

    Where Are We This Month?  

    Springtime Farm Festival: St. John's Co

    May 8 2021 - St. Augustine, FL

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    Find Beef - Orlando & North

    Beef in the northern half of the state. 

    Find Beef - Orlando & South

    Beef in the southern half of the state. 

    The #MeatMeet

    Pair up with a local family to order bulk meats. Scroll the comments before you add your details. 

    UPicks & Pre-Picked

    300+ comments in this thread about upicks in season right now and later in 2021. 

    FL Farm Product Rules & Regs

    Looking to get "legal"? We have more info about what that means here.  

    Have We Helped Out? 

    Tell us more about us! 





    Help us fill out our calendar for the year. 

    We're looking for events for Summer and Winter 2021! 

    Friday is still holding strong as our most popular group day. This is probably because everyone is looking for upick and weekend fun plans! 

    We're encouraged to see most of you scrolling for food around lunch & dinner time! 

    Orlando members surged to the top this month, pushing past Tampa. Jacksonville got pushed to FOURTH as Lakeland jumped up into the top five, and welcome Spring Hill to the Top Cities Club! 

    Click here for tips & tricks for making the biggest impact on our audience! 

    Goodbye Local Discovery! Hello Endless Summer! 

    In April we said goodbye to the Local Discovery crate so we could spend more time and energy on the Quarterly Collections. We are so grateful to Simply Made Homestead (February), Rose & Vine Gift Co (March), Our Vision Farm (April) and Southern Grace Lavender Farm (May) for their incredible patience, excitement, and inspiration as we worked out the details of a "monthly" endeavor. Thank you! 
    Fear not! The Quarterly Crates continue, check out our selection below, "Endless Summer" is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, great for Dad, grill lovers, and anyone who loves the unexpected! 


    Our Community Is Still Growing Like A Weed! 

    We were so excited to welcome our 17,000th member and our 2000th page like in April 2021!

    Help us grow a more sustainable Florida!

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    We are so grateful for the amazing response to our efforts over the last year. Its been so incredible to get to know so many people and meet so many smiling faces. 

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