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    Quarterly Luxury Crate

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    No sample products here. In this box, you’ll receive premium items (with a retail value of $70+) from our favorite vendors. Curious what kinds of items you'll receive? Check out our previous boxes here.



    If you want to see the crate contents, please check out our Crate Spoiler Blog.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Rachel Holler Loves Local
    Great way to support local businesses!

    I only rate it 4/5 because my jar of peach jam was broken in shipping, leaving sticky jelly all over several of my items. Otherwise I would have fully rated it 5 stars! Many great products from businesses I would have probably never heard of otherwise, since they were outside of my usual Pinellas county area!

    Linda Perara
    FL Farm Finder

    Love the site, so many places and ideas, close to home.

    Shari Bechard

    Very happy with the products sent as well as with the ability to help local farmers. I can’t wait for the next box!

    Cliffaredia Swift
    Luxury Gift Ideas.

    I gave it as a gift to my daughter and she love the honey and tea especially. It's an unexpected gift for a fresh items.

    Ann M.
    I loved it!

    So, my husband purchased this box for me for Christmas 2020. I obviously knew about the box, because I told him that he needed to get it for me. Upon opening it, I was blown away at the visual presentation right off the bat. Everything was arranged so lovely, it was beautiful! The box was full of all the things I would have picked out and some that I probably wouldn't have, but was beyond happy to try out. In the luxury crate, I received (2) bars of handmade soap... yes, you read that right, 2 of them! Also a handmade soy candle, some whole coffee beans (I didn't even know there was coffee made in Florida), a huge pouch of local honey, some seasonings... and I know there was more stuff, but I'm completely drawing a blank. I definitely feel like I got a great deal on everything and I am super excited to try out everything. We've already started the candle and it's lovely. I tend to be a handmade soap hoarder, so those babies will be in hiding until I use up some of the others I have. The coffee was wonderful and has all been ground and used (pretty much immediately). There was also a little keychain, which is now on my keys, with the logo and QR code to have my friends link back to the Facebook page. I can't even tell you how many people are just as new as I am to finding out that Florida has farms and all kinds of things I've only ever gotten from the grocery store. I highly recommend this crate and can't wait to purchase another one!