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    A Letter From Our Organizers

    Greetings friends of Florida, 

    The impacts of COVID-19 on our local food supply reached every resident of our state. Few will forget the viral images of 2020's crops rotting in the fields, bare grocery shelves, and meat prices raised sky high. Reading the frustrated commentary on social media during those dark days highlighted a need for two things:

     1) A way for consumers to find & connect with farmers close to their homes.

     2) An engaged local community that farmers can reach out to in the event of an emergency or market shift.

    In May of 2020 we decided to help with both of those issues, and the “Big Dill” was born.We’ve crawled the state digitally and shared every post we could find from farmers all over the state into a Facebook group, affectionately known as “The Big Dill.”

    We believe that Small Florida Farms are a Big Dill, and we wanted to prove it by building a familiar easy to use online resource to promote hard working Floridians all over the state. Our completely free, volunteer powered resource is one of a kind: a simple keyword search connects you with agricultural products grown minutes from your home.

    Please join us here :
    Florida Farm Finder - Small FL Farms are Kind of A Big Dill


    Approaching 20,000 passionate supporters.

    Reinvigorating the Florida local focus!

    Enabling hundreds of business partnerships & collaborations.

    Helping new sellers understand Florida’s legal requirements

    Helping farmers with Facebook’s marketing tools.
    Florida Farm Finder Crate Collections shipping$10K+ and counting in FL small business goods all over the US!

    Received accolades from Polk Sheriff Grady Judd & FL Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried.

    Received news coverage from FOX13, FOX35, and other local outlets.

    It’s clear we’ve made many valuable connections alongside Florida’s small farmers & ranchers. Now we would like to reintroduce the general public to our new friends, and our event’s purpose is pretty clear before you’ve even read the details, we’d love to tell you about Meet Florida Meat 2021.

    We’ve partnered with Hertaberkschwein Farms, 20 acres of gorgeous pastured pork farm in Groveland, Lake County to invite the entire state of Florida to truly #knowyourfarmer. We will offer a 75-100 vendor artisan market, agricultural exhibitions and demonstrations, bounce houses & fun activities for the kids, and a locally-supplied food truck assortment.

    We would also like to recognize our fiscal sponsor Seeding The Future 4H, a 501 (c)3 non-profit out of Pinellas County introducing exceptional special needs students at Woodlawn Community Academy to a life of agriculture since 2017. Their coordinator Susan Gutierrez is a prominent Pinellas county volunteer and we are so grateful for her involvement. Funds received in excess of the costs of our event will be used to help the kids in Clearwater and all over our beautiful state in support of local Florida agriculture. Funds received are tax deductible, and if your organization can provide us volunteer staffing we can also sign off on community service hours.

    We have the location, the draw, the community, the farmers, the artisans, and the food! We just need your help to fund this unprecedented event. We are looking for volunteers, corporate sponsors, ad partners, and ag-related exhibitions. You can even select which expenses you'd like to help our organizations cover in our Sponsorship information below. We have provided a number of ad solutions & benefits for brands looking to show support for local agriculture in our area.

    We are so excited about this opportunity to showcase Florida's local agriculture, it would be an honor to have you join us. 

    Thank you for your time,

    Jillian Childs

    Founder, Florida Farm Finder LLC


    Shane & Heidi Adams
    Owners & Operators, Hertaberkschwein Farms
    (352) 207-5139

    Susan Gutierrez
    Founder, Seeding The Future 4H
    (727) 484-0563

    Sponsor Tiers & Benefit

    BRONZE $25

    Reserve a space for your business or in honor of a family member on our Thank You Mural! 

    SILVER $50

    Reserve a space for your business or in honor of a family member on our Thank You Mural and receive a mention here on our website as a supporter of the event.  

    GOLD $100

    Receive a mention here on our website as a supporter of the event and we will also highlight your contribution with a shout out during our Opening Ceremonies! Please forward logo imagery to FLFarmFinder@gmail.com.

    PLATINUM $500

    Receive a mention here on our website as a supporter of the event and we will also mention your business during our Opening Ceremonies! We will also include your logo on our event t-shirt. 

    Add A Banner $40

    If it's just too far but you still would love to be represented, we are offering the chance to line the fences at Hertaberkschwein with banners featuring every small farm in the state. Select which part of the event you'd like to support, pick your tier, and click Add to Cart, then click Add Banner and click Add to Cart. All set! Banner is 2.5'X4', please forward art to floridafarmfinder@gmail.com .

    If you're able to provide assistance in a different way or a different amount please let us know at
    FLFarmFinder@gmail.com & we will direct you to the appropriate contact.

    Sponsor Funds are Being Donated Directly to the Non-Profit
    and Distributed to Pay Expenses Through a Grant Partnership. 



      We've established a familiar farm-finding resource for the entire state of Florida to use, completely free of charge. 


      We've networked farmers with consumers, brokers, markets, packing houses, cold storage facilities, and out of state buyers! 


      We continue to welcome around 1000 new members every month! 

    Stay tuned for updates! 

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     and special offers for our Florida Farm Finder friends! 

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