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    Where can I find local farms? 

    Our local farm data and assistance is available through our Facebook group, Florida Farm Finder "Big Dill". We encourage you to join us there for up to date details and info about local food, farms and events. Our info is public so you can view a lot even if you're not on Facebook. If you'd prefer to avoid Facebook all together please reach out to us here or at the contact form at the very bottom of this page and we can assist you in finding local goods. 

    Do y'all work for Florida?

    Florida Farm Finder, LLC is not officially affiliated with any state or government agencies, and we do not receive any state or grant funding at this time. Our efforts are volunteer based. We are not a non-profit, our LLC is currently crowd funded via our amazing Patreon supporters. Our crate efforts are maintained through a small profit margin that covers all costs, shipping materials, taxes & fees and a stipend for scrambling for any last minute small business issues that may arise. We use any remaining funds to cover our event costs which allows us to reduce our vendor fees to a more reasonable amount a small business can afford. We really are just a couple of Moms who love farms and Florida and this is the best way for us to give back with the strengths that we have.
    I'd like to be a vendor for your next event! 


    That's great! First things first, join us over at Brand Building by Florida Farm Finder!. This is our preferred information portal for business owners.

     If you're not on Facebook we'd love to include you via email or help you develop a social media presence. Please use the contact form at the very bottom of this page to tell us more. 

    I'd like to talk to someone about our retail approved product becoming a crate item. 

    If you have a Florida-made retail sales-approved product that you think would go well in our Quarterly Crate, please reach out to us via email at flfarmfinder@gmail.com or send us a message using the contact form at the very bottom of this page. Please note that we can not ship items that are made under cottage good rules, and we can not accept items that require refrigeration. All goods must be appropriately labeled for retail use and you must be able to provide a high quality photograph of your item for Crate Spoiler info. 

    I'd like our Florida Small Business to become a Patreon VIP Vendor. 

    Where can I learn about farm product permits and cottage foods legislation currently available in Florida? 

    There is some great information tucked into this post in our group, so much so that outsiders send people to us because the experts are here in our group! It's awesome! 

    How can I post about my farm or ag-related small business in Big Dill? 

    Here's our "Tips and Tricks" for posting in the Big Dill group. Please no animal rehoming posts unless it is something shared from a business page. There's too much grey area. 

    I'd like to start building an agriculture related business in my county, who should I talk to? 

    Here are some quick contacts that everyone can benefit from: 

    Your County Agriculture IFAS Extension
     from the University of Florida. 
    Learn more from the official FDACS guides for buying "Fresh From Florida". 
    Florida's Agriculture Industry
    regulations, documents, payment portals and official info from the state. 
    Joining a local state affiliated farmers market near you can be a great small business incubator.
    Official Florida info for small business owners available here in the Small Business Resource Guide. 

    I need help building or operating a Facebook page for my small business, can y'all help me with that? 

    Absolutely, we can show you how to get the most out of social media at any skill level. Please send us an email at FLFarmFinder@gmail.com or click here, or use the contact form below. 

    What is the single BEST thing farmers can do on social medial to help boost their local impact? 

    Gosh we are so glad you asked that. The single most effective thing farmers can do to boost their local impact is to include their city and or county in every post, either checked in, or in the post caption, or as a hashtag. 

    More and more users are turning to Facebook as a Search Engine, and including your location in all of your posts means you automatically show up in more local search results. Local results means real local dollars. It's easy to do, it takes no time at all, and can quickly become a habit. Most important of all its FREE. 

    Want us to prove it works? Type your city or town and the item you sell into the Facebook search bar.  What results do you see? Is it your page? No? That's why! 

    A second suggestion would be to make sure that at least your city and state are available to see in your About information. Customers DO NOT LIKE TO PM YOU! 

    What are some easy things Floridians can do in their daily life to strengthen Florida agriculture? 

    Another great question we love to get. 

    First things first, buy local! A 2004 industry study showed that if you spend $100 in a chain business, $48 of those dollars stay local. If you support a local small business, $68 of those dollars stay local! How many of us can spend $100 a week on food and fresh goods grown all over our area? That's $20 a week staying local because of YOUR decision to stick with it! 

    In the grocery store look for locally made products, ask your produce manager for help finding locally grown goods, and join our Facebook group to find products you can buy direct from the farmer. 

    In the farmer's market be sure to know or ask what is in season so that you get the freshest goods and the best deal! The most fun and unique meals can come from new or unusual vegetables you can find at a local market. Remember, its better to plan your meal based on what you DO find at the market, rather than plan your meal first based on what you THINK you'll find at the market. It's hard to get out of the grocery store/ access to everything/ all year round/ one-shop-stop method of buying fresh goods, but it forces America to constantly import goods out of season, and those same imports do damage to our local growers when IN season. Blueberries and tomatoes especially. Eating seasonally and buying direct through a market, CSA or farmstand is the best way to help strengthen our local agriculture.  

    I have a problem with a vendor or business I found through Florida Farm Finder. 
    Ok! We are happy to see if we can review your situation and provide a suggestion toward closure. We also take negative information very seriously, as we feel a responsibility to protect our group members from predatory businesses. Please reach out to us using the Contact Form at the very bottom of the page. 
    I'd like to praise a vendor or business I found through Florida Farm Finder. 
    Where can I find out more information about the shipping timeline for my order? 

    Please send us a message using the contact form at the very bottom of this page or click on the Messenger icon at the bottom right corner and someone will be with you as soon as possible. 

    I think what you are doing is great! How can I help out or become a part of Florida Farm Finder? 

    Hey thanks, we're excited about it too! 

    Here's a few quick ways you can help us in our mission to find every farm and make choosing local easier for every Floridian! 

    1) Invite all of your Florida friends to our Facebook group! 
    2) Try out a Quarterly Crate or maybe even a subscription! 

    3) Become one of our Patreon VIP's and save on Farm to Table goods all over Florida!

    4) Become a Quarterly Crates Ad Partner! 
    5) Become a Small Business Spotlight partner! 

    6) Contribute to our efforts through Paypal!   

    7) Are you a farmer or small business owner looking for ways to maximize impact and minimize Facebook time? We can help at Brand Building by Florida Farm Finder! 

    Thank you for believing in our mission and becoming a part of our journey! 

    We'd Love to Hear From You! 

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    How can we help?

    We value our friends, farmers and customers greatly, and are always here to help. If you have any questions, queries or comments feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.