Florida Farm Finder Ambassador Plaque - Large

    Help us spread the word and make Florida Farm Finder’s Community an even better place! Each laser engraved plaque features our Big Dill Group QR code and our social media presence, making it very easy for you to say “Hey, have you heard about The Big Dill group? Here, scan this to join! Check them out on Facebook, Insta, Patreon!" 

    Each plaque comes with its own stand, but you can also choose to mount it to a flat surface near your register, doorway, or high traffic location. 

    How does it work? 
    In most modern smartphones you simply have to open a Camera app and focus on the square. A notification will usually pop up with a link or a Browser name and will redirect immediately to our Facebook Group homepage when they tap on the notification. Then all they have to do is click "Join". 

    In some cases, you may need to download a separate QR Reader App to successfully scan the code.  

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