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    Fall Harvest: Grandma’s Kitchen

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Ken N.
    First Time Crate Buyer

    This is the first time that we ordered a crate. We are very impressed. There is a very good variety of items in the crate. And they all are of good quality. The food items are delicious. The crate was packed very well and there was no damage to any times. Great job!!

    Ann Mikeal
    Very pleasant surprise!

    You never know with surprise boxes if they will be good or bad, but this box was a hit! I purchased the March Founder's Crate and was completely surprised by all the goodies inside the box. I'm a huge handmade soap fan, this box had 2 bars of handmade soap and a soap saver (I've been saving all my little bits of handmade soaps, so it is already being used). I've never grown micro greens, but since joining the FL Farm Finder group, I've been wanting to do more gardening, so receiving the micro greens kit was perfect! I thought there were two sets of tea, but one of them was actually an elderberry syrup kit, how fun is that! Plus peach jam and lip balm! I've already ordered the next quarterly crate and can't wait to see what they come up with for summer!

    Marivic Kutz
    December crate had better & more unique products

    Got 2 crates and was disappointed
    Not good: First ingredient is sugar on peach jam.
    Best: elderberry honey and raspberry tea and Soaps
    Hohum: coffee scrub and lip balm & cards
    Not useful for me: micro greens kit
    Good surprise: loofah seeds

    Linda Coupe
    Happy first timer!

    I got the spring crate for my sister who had lost her husband. Flowers and plants are nice but as her sister, I felt she needed something different from me, She was so pleased and surprised!